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The goal of Common Sense Web Marketing is to fill a void for business owners who want to get their share of the Internet sales. With the market changing, we offer a program that is cost effective for local businesses. We make it easy for business owners. We write all the content along with pictures if they do not give us any. We take 10-15 minutes of their time to ask questions about their business. We offer options for specials and then build the website in 7 days. One price includes everything because they need everything!

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Know Your Customer

Know your customer: If you are a printer, would you rather work with the business owner or their employees? Yes, the business owner is the one who makes the decisions, but the employees many times are more detailed and focused. A very successful business owner said that “every successful business owner that he knows has one thing in common – they all have A.D.D.” They understand the concepts of computers but their minds go from 1 to 4 to 8 to 5 and they are ready for the deal. The computers go from 1-2-3-4 etc. They are good at multitasking and are very successful and good at what they do, they are also impatient. Business is organized chaos. If you’re not organized, you will never get started. They are not better or worse than anyone else, just different. We need to see things through their eyes in order to sell our product..

Sell Benefits - Not Facts

Just the facts: We need to understand that people do not buy facts, they buy benefits. Yes, give them the facts but they will buy the benefits. Yes, we are selling a website, but the benefits are that we offer an opportunity to increase sales through the Internet in the cities they want business. We sell web marketing so shoppers can find their business when they need what their business offers.

Excuse - I Don't Have Time!

I don’t have time: It is amazing how many websites that I have built and sent it to the owner and they do not even look at it. I had a customer who bought a feeder website for surrounding town. He paid for the 1st 6 months up front. I stopped in to get a check or charge card. He said he was too busy to talk. After I waited, I told him that he is showing up on the 1st page of Google. I asked if I could use his computer. When I googled his service plus city (like shoppers do) I found him on the 1st page. When I clicked on it he said “wow that is really nice!” I looked at him and smiled “you never looked at it did you?” He said he was too busy. He ended up buying a total of 3 websites for the surrounding cities that he wanted more business. He bought the benefit of showing up where shoppers are looking for his product. It isn’t that he did not understand the concept, he bought the benefit, not the website. Many business owners are impatient in areas they feel uncomfortable with (the net). You need to know your customer.

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