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*2017 New Business Startups Up 67% in Florida
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*As Seen At Graphics of America Expo 2017*

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As Seen At Graphics of America Expo 2017

Web design, website, and SEO in Palm Coast, FL

What is Web Marketing?

First of all, having a website may or may not be web marketing!
Many business owners have a website but if shoppers cannot find it, it isn't web marketing!!

Common Sense Says: If shoppers cannot find your website, what good is it?
Having a beautiful website is no good if shoppers cannot find it using the most used search phrases for your service or product. We provide SEO to get you found!!

Common Sense Asks: Is your website geared to generating Sales?
Shoppers (by definition) are looking to buy something. Your website needs to tell shoppers "Why You vs Competitors" We put in specials & reasons to motivate action.

Common Sense Reasoning: FREE EVALUATION!
We cannot make an HONEST recommendation without knowing what they have! It takes five minutes to fill out "Free Evaluation" We do the rest! Business owners made good decisions when they have the right information. We provide the info and they decide!

Common Sense Opportunity: Run Specials - New business startups up 67%!
New business startups are up drastically in Florida. Palm Coast up 78%, Ft Lauderdale up 81%, Lakeland up 37% compared to the 1st 4 months of 2016. They all need business cards, fliers, logos, menus and websites.

Customer Service

We are customer service first! Before we call your customer, we search "Google Trends" for best search phrases used by shoppers for their business along with their SEO position.

  • Inform client of “Google Trends” and SEO results
  • Answer questions & explain how Our Program & Feeder Sites benefits
  • Get a charge card if they are ready to buy
  • Ask for pictures, logo & info for website
  • We Build the Website with maximum SEO
  • Email new website (7 days) - follow up for any changes
  • Store gets paid $100 per website regardless if they sell it

Store Responsibility

We sell all our websites through re-sellers. Printers do the promotion and we do the rest!! Your responsibility is:

  • Talk to customers about benefits of "Web Marketing"
  • Most business owners never thought of "feeder sites" Explain it
  • New business startups is up 67% in Florida - They all need printing & websites
  • "Free Evaluation" - fill out - We do the rest! (5 minutes).
  • Option-Run Specials on Fliers, Logo, biz cards used for website & handouts
  • Printer gets paid $100 per website regardless if they sell it

Feeder Websites
With the explosion of new websites, Google algorithms are geared to local businesses. It's very difficult to get top placement in cities you're not located in. Our solution is to build a "feeder website" (linked to your main website) but geared to another city or another product or service you want to sell. If you want business in surrounding cities, shoppers need to find you! This product can increase sales in additional areas.

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Feeder Sites to Increase Sales in Surrounding Areas

5 Minutes of Your Time – We Do The Rest!!
Business websites in Palm Coast, FL

The Common Sense Web Marketing Solution!

At Common Sense Web Marketing, we are here to promote your business with attractive websites and effective, ethical SEO practices. But maybe you already have a website. Is it GENERATING REVENUE for your business?

1. Get found for the most common search phrases.
We research the most popular search phrases shoppers use when looking for what you company offers. We then write articles including those phrases for SEO effect.

2. The Right Web Building System
We use our proprietary software system which allows us to build unlimited websites quickly. It loads quickly for best SEO results. We have multiple templates with ability to change templates quickly.

3. Affordable Pricing
We sell our web marketing program at very affordable pricing. The price includes a website with EVERYTHING included.