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Are you maximizing your marketing dollars?

If you want to grow as a business in Florida, you must maximize the returns on your advertising dollars. For each dollar you spend on signage, phone book entries, coupons, newspaper ads, mailers, business cards, pens, and other traditional advertising strategies, you hope to make more money. In the same way, if you already have a website, how much do you spend on it? Do you run paid advertisement campaigns for your website? What is the cost of your domain and hosting

As a business owner, if you want to run paid advertising campaigns for your website, you have to be ready to shell out the big bucks. Most paid advertisement campaigns are pay-per-click (PPC)campaigns, where you pay every single time anyone looks at your website, whether they buy or not! If you have a conversion rate of 0.5%, and you pay $0.50 per click, each conversion costs you $100! For many of our customers, this would not be worth the effort.

Now put on your consumer hat. When you search for a product or service, do you click the results clearly labled "AD"? Most people do not. People want to buy, not be sold. The ads you see every day have a low conversion rate because we have learned to tune them out. In order to maximize your returns from each advertising dollar, you must increase conversions. But how do we don that?

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Can buyers find your marketing website online?

There are two majors ways to get found online: PPC campaigns (also called "search engine marketing" or SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). Whereas with SEM you pay to play, SEO seeks to get you in front of potential customers by making your website well-structured and as relevant to phrases commonly searched by your key demographics as possible.

The major advantages to SEO are that you will show up in your customers organic search results, so they will be more likely to trust you and your website than someone else who feels they have to pay to play. Also, SEO is often much more affordable than SEM, since your $65/month gets you a stylish website and unlimited clicks and conversions! Many of our customers can make back the money spent on their website with only one or two conversions a month, whereas with SEM, you might spend $200 for those same two conversions!

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Stand out online with a marketing website in Florida

Does your website stand out?

Getting in front of qualified eyes is only half the battle—you also want those buyers to head to your website and buy your product or service! We use eye-catching headlines for your link in the search engine results to attract people to your site instead of any of the nine competitor sites in the search engine results. We tell your customers your best points before they even visit your website!

Once they've clicked to your website, they will see the most important things first: any discounts that you choose to offer, why they should call you instead of someone else, a list of your products or services, and of course, your contact information! After glancing over the home page of your website, the visitor will most likely have all the information they need to call you! Some may choose to browse deeper and learn about your company or more about your products or services.

Many small business websites come off as very narcissistic. They want to bombard you with information all about them, when the information should focus on how they can help the customer! Often times small business websites all do not use web design best practices. When we build your website, you can be sure it will be attractive, easy to navigate, and informative, with a focus on helping the customer. It will also have your contact information on every page!

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Do you need multiple marketing websites?

Anyone today can see why your business needs a marketing website and good SEO in order to compete and make money. Even business owners who already have a website can see how a new website, specifically geared for marketing, conversion, and SEO is well-worth the nominal fees. But why on earth would your business, a small, local operation, need more than one marketing website? After all, even enormous companies like Microsoft only have a handful of websites. Not every small business needs more than one marketing website, but if your company fits into either of these categories, you do!

Category 1: Businesses that offer multiple products or services.
If your business offers multiple products and/or services, it may be not be possible to get good SEO for all of them on one website. The world of small business is very competitive. Some of the common search phrases our customers want to be found under return well over 1 million results! If you want to be at the top of the pile, specialization of each website is key! If you offer gutter cleaning and pool cleaning, for example, search engines will see these as unrelated and rank you lower for both "gutter cleaning" and "pool cleaning" services. If you have two or more products or services that are not very closely related, you'll need more than one marketing website.

Category 2: Businesses that serve a wide geographical area
If you want customers from a city that's 50 miles away, you must have a marketing website specifically for that city. Search engines know when your customer is searching for a local business, and, all other factors held constant, will serve up the website of the closest businesses first. If your marketing website appears to be local to that area, you will show up much better! Your customers will not mind driving for half an hour for an exclusive deal or a great product, especially if you tell them on the very first page of your marketing website why they should choose you! If you offer a service, you probably don't mind driving a little ways in order to get more business and make a profit. All you have to do is decide how far you want your business empire to reach!

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What is Web Marketing?

Web Marketing When it comes to deciding the best place to market your product or service there are two Giants in the marketplace – Google & Facebook. They over shadow all the others. One is social marketing the other requires a website. Marketing starts with knowing your customers.

  1. Age group
  2. Homeowners or renters
  3. Male or female
  4. Geographic area – how large of an area do you service or deliver to? What cities do you want to focus on to get more business?
  5. How do shoppers look for your business on the net?
  6. What keywords or phrases do they search for?
  7. Who wants to buy your product?
  8. What do you want them to know about your company?
  9. Tell shoppers “Why You vs. Competitors”?

SEO – Getting Found is Key

SEO- Web Marketing Google – Helps Prospective Buyers Find Your Business When marketing on Google, Yahoo or Bing you will need a website geared to getting sales. When someone is looking to buy an outdoor shed or carport they simply google “sheds or carports” plus the city. Once on the page they shop their options. Many websites are focus facts but - People buy benefits – not facts. If shoppers can’t find your website – what good is it? Getting found includes SEO (search phrase you want to be found for. It also requires constant updates to let Google know you are current and relevant. You also need to be found on Google, Bing and Yahoo Maps page with a current website geared to attracting shoppers to your business. There are things that can help move your business up the list on the maps page. Your website needs to tell shoppers “Why You vs Competitors” Use the home page for specials, local pictures and reasons for shoppers to call or stop in to your business. Let shoppers know they are welcome to come in and browse.

Know your buyers:

  1. represents 65 % - #1 search engine used by age 44 and under
  2. represents 21% - #1 search engine for age 45-64
  3. represents 14% - #1 search engine for age 65 and up
What is the age group of your customers? According to the stats I think you will find that many of your customers use Bing & Yahoo when searching for your product. You need to show up on ALL the search engines. We do it all!

Why You vs Competitors

Sales from Web Marketing

Facebook – Helps Businesses Find Prospective Customers

Facebook represents 91.4% of social networking. I think we can all agree that when people log into Facebook, they are searching for friends, dog videos, funny videos, and social interaction etc. It is a massive marketplace to look for prospects for your business. If you know the demographics of your potential customers, it is a great place to advertise because Facebook has a prototype on all their users so you can better focus your ads for results.

Facebook is not the place people go to find a business but is a place for businesses to find leads and prospects. Businesses can send ads to specific groups for the ads. The CTR (click through rate) for Facebook is .9% vs Google 2.7%. The ad rates for Facebook are significantly lower than Google but they work by sheer numbers. Google Ads also work but the cost is much higher.

Our Facebook includes 12 posts per month. Ad dollars are used for Facebook ads in order to attract prospective buyers and posting ads in Facebook Marketplace. We do all the work so you can focus on your business.

$170/MO – You Get It ALL

65 Per Month! Facebook vs Website – You Need Both

Price $170/mo. and you get both website and Facebook. If you are looking to maximize sales for your business, you need both. When properly managed, they both work hand in hand. You need to be where the shoppers are.


Google is where Prospective Buyers Find Your Business and Facebook is a great place to find prospective buyers.

Our program is geared to sales. We will work with our clients to maximize exposure so shoppers can find your business when they are ready to buy.

10 Minutes - Up in 10 Days

10 Minutes of Your Time We take 10 minutes of your time to answer questions and the website is up in 10 days. We write all the articles, make the changes, updates, and more... Send your pictures and we will put them on the site. We can even put in a picture gallery at no extra charge.

When you get the final website, we can make any changes that you want. On an ongoing basis, we will be making changes in order to keep the website current for the search engines.

When working with a traditional web builder, it can take months to get a website built. It usually requires a sit down for several hours. Then you get calls for what you want, asking for articles, pictures, changes, more content and more….. Then you find out the price does not include SEO and updates in the future. When new technologies need to be added, you get more charges.

We do the work so you can run your business. No hassle!

Feeder Sites – Max Sales Area

Feeder Sites With millions of websites and Facebook added to the Net per month, the algorithm for SEO has changed. The search engines are more focused on local business for placement. In 2013 a change was made in the search engine algorithm what makes it much more difficult to get placement in surrounding cities. Just look at the top businesses (in any category) that are listed in your city and see how many show up when you search for them by service in surrounding cities. You get the point. It"s hard enough to get your website to show in your city much less in surrounding cities where you want more business. Same for Facebook showing up in the all the cities that you want more business. It is much more difficult now to capture a larger marketplace.

Feeder Sites is our answer to showing up in surrounding cities. We build a website and make you look like a local business in additional cities that you want more business. We focus on getting you found by shoppers in surrounding cities. It requires a new website ($65/mo.) and it needs to be at least 60% different from your current website. We write all the articles with no duplicate articles. We do the same for Facebook for those who want to show up in multiple cities where they want more business. OIt is a little different process, but it works.

We find this is the most cost effective way for shoppers to find you. This is especially popular for the service industry who travel to homes or businesses. It is also popular if your business is on the border of the next town but your current website is showing on the 3rd or 4th page. Don’t expect to get sales if shoppers cannot find your business in their city.

Another popular use for a Feeder Site is a website that focuses on a new or profitable product that you want more business for. Maybe you sell sheds and want more placement for your carport business. Or you have a product that is very profitable and it just needs more exposure. Talk to us and we can help make suggestions. Maybe you sell mobile homes and want to get placement in a surrounding city where there is an opportunity to sell more mobile homes. This is a very good return on investment for your business because your overhead is fixed and if a website in another town will draw in more shoppers, it is a win winn deal for you.