About Common Sense Web Marketing in Palm Coast, FL

Our Web Marketing Team in Palm Coast, FL

Tim, Marketing Director of Common Sense Web Marketing

Common Sense Web Marketing is owned and operated by Tim Fasold. Tim has a background in starting and running business for over 44 years. He has extensive experience in starting, building and running a profitable business. He has started several business in the service and distribution business with revenue of over 25 million per year.

Jonathan Covey is the head of the website product development. Jon manages our proprietary product that allows our company to build websites and get SEO placement at a price our customers can afford. The goal was to build a quality website that is more than affordable to the small business community. I believe we have succeeded and at the same time we offer personal help to our customers.

Both Jon and Tim understand the importance of SEO. If the website cannot be found, it will not generate sales for our customers. We focus on SEO for all the websites that we build.

We also have developed a team of content writers that write unique SEO friendly content for all our websites. With their help we are able to build a quality website in one week. Most website builders take months to build and keep asking the business owner for information and articles. We are different in that we take 15 minutes of your time to ask questions and help make suggestions for specials on the site. We then build it and send it to you in one week. At that point, you tell us what you want us to change. No Hassles! You just run your business and we make all the changes when you tell us to and no additional fees for updates and changes.

Our System for Web Marketing in Palm Coast, FL

Ethan Gilkey, IT Director of Common Sense Web Marketing in Palm Coast, FL

When the company started, it was intended to provide the small business community a product that they not only could afford while including everything they needed to get business from the Internet. Tim and Jon have developed a 5 marketing website for $47/mo that includes SEO, home page that tells shoppers why they should use them vs competitors, specials, cell phone friendly along with free updates.

Instead of charging for different features on the website, we include everything for one price. We are constantly updating templates and adding new features for all our customers without increasing the prices. All changes and updates to new programs are included in the price along with unique articles added to the site on a predetermined schedule.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

If there is a problem, call or email us and we respond within 24 hours. No need to keep calling because we respond to phone calls and emails quickly. If you have pictures, great! We would love to use them. If not, we will put pictures in for you. If you want to add new pictures latter, send them and we will put them in. We understand most small business owners are not very Internet or computer savvy. No problem, we are and can help make getting business off the Internet easy because we do ALL the work for you for $47/mo. We don’t like the way other National companies have long term contracts that make it hard to get out of. We ask all our clients to stay 6 months minimum. NO long term contract.

One of the keys to running a business is to focus on the areas that you make money. We will help you get found on the Internet for the areas of your business that you want more business. Our representatives are geared to making your business more profitable. If you are adding a new service or product, we can get you the exposure on the Internet where shoppers are looking for your service.

With millions of businesses trying to get on the Internet with their services and products, we have found that the Internet search engines are gearing the placement to the city that you live in. With our program, we can help you generate revenue in all the cities that you want to attract shoppers. We understand that small businesses have taken hit. Let’s get together and use the Internet to generate revenue for your business. We know what it takes to show up in all the cities for what you are offering.