Facebook & Net are Equally Searched
BUT, If Shoppers Can't Find You - It Isn't "Web Marketing!!"

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What is Web Marketing?

Having a website or Facebook may or may not be web marketing. If shoppers and your customers can’t find your're website – it isn’t web marketing. If the home page does not tell shoppers why you vs competitors – it isn’t web marketing.

SEO – Getting Found is Key

Buying a website requires constant updates and changes in order to get found. We include SEO (search engine optimization) in the monthly price. SEO is a science and we try hard to keep up with changes for our clients.

Why You vs. Competitors

If you don't tell shoppers why you vs competitors - it isn't web marketing! Most web builders are good in making pretty websites, but relying on them for marketing can be a BIG mistake! Tell shoppers why they should buy from you!

$65/mo – You Get It ALL

We keep it affordable and there are no hidden costs. We change $65/mo. and the price INCLUDES a custom 5 page website geared to sales. Price includes unique articles for posts, update, new tech updates and more...

10 Minutes - Up in 10 Days

We take 10 minutes of your time to answer questions and the website is up in 10 days. We write all the articles, make the changes, updates, and more... We do the work so you can focus on running your business. No hassle!

Feeder Sites – Bigger Area

In 2013 a change was made in the search engine algorithm what makes it much more difficult to get placement in surrounding cities. Feeder Sites is our answer to increasing market share in surrounding cities.

Multiple Location Program

Common Sense has developed a program for companies that have multiple locations. We currently do websites and Facebook for Portable Shed companies on a local level where their Corporate website is not penetrating. I will us this as an example which can be used for franchise, corporate stores and more.

Common Sense Asks: Do you know what search phrases shoppers are using to find your service?, We do the Research For you!!
You need to know what search phrases shoppers use when looking for your service. We do the research and many of our customers are surprised by the results. Example: One of our customers insisted on being found for "Roofing Contractor" and "re-roofing". Our research found 7 search phrases more popular than roofing contractor. We also found the phrase "new roof" much more popular than roofing contractor and found that nobody searches for re-roofing. Good decisions are easy when we have the facts!

Common Sense Says: If you don't tell shoppers why they should buy from you - IT ISN"T WEB MARKETING!!
Shoppers (by definition) are looking to buy something. Your website needs to tell shoppers "Why You vs Competitors" Put in specials, Services, along with Reasons to call YOU vs competitors!!

Common Sense Says: Maximize Sales in Surrounding Cities with a FEEDER SITE!
With millions of new websites being added, algorithms are geared to local businesses for search results. Having a website that shows up on the 3rd or 4th page of surrounding cities will not generate many sales. We offer "Feeder Sites" which are geared to making you look like a local business in surrounding cities. We can get you found where shoppers are looking. Very cost effective way to increase revenue!

Common Sense Reasoning: One Price $55/Month Includes Everything
We keep it simple. As a business owner we need it all. We do all the content, changes, updates, articles and more for one price. It takes 10 minutes of your time to answer questions and we will write all the content and have the website up in 10 days! We then send it to you for any changes. We continue free updated, add articles on a regular schedule and keep the website current with the latest updates.

Common Sense Reasoning: FREE EVALUATION!
We cannot make an HONEST recommendations without knowing what they have! It takes five minutes to fill out "Free Evaluation" We will give you the results